让摄影大师Elliott Erwitt 告诉你12个纪实摄影

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让摄影大师Elliott Erwitt 告诉你12个纪实摄影
前一阵子,知名酒商麦格兰威士忌邀请了非常知名的纪实摄影师Elliott Erwitt在华山办了一个展览,今天笔者就要跟大家分享由这位纪实摄影师所提供的12个纪实摄影拍摄小技巧,原文同样为英文,笔者这边一样会将它翻译成中文,并附上原文,对纪实摄影有兴趣的朋友千万不要错过。先简单跟大家聊聊这位摄影师,Elliott Erwitt出生于1928年,曾因为担任电影场景摄影师而与玛丽莲梦露成为好友,并为她拍摄过不少照片,一直到现在都还是经典。Elliott Erwitt拥有独特的幽默感与敏锐的观察力,同时在他为数众多的纪实作品中,常会看到小孩与宠物,这是他非常喜欢的两个元素,透过他的独特摄影眼,我们总能在这些照片中感受到属于他的童趣与幽默。

在小技巧文章开始前,我们可以先看看Elliott Erwitt来台时接受GQ专访的一段影片。


让摄影大师Elliott Erwitt 告诉你12个纪实摄影

1.Photography is an Art of Observation It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.


2.Start Caring You just need to care about what's around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy. Then, you can find pictures anywhere. It’s simply a matter of noticing things and organising them.

让摄影大师Elliott Erwitt 告诉你12个纪实摄影

3.Don’t Overthink It, Just Do It The more you think about a shot, the easier it is to lose it. If you’re thinking long, you’re thinking wrong. Sometimes you just have to take the shot. When I’m in the moment, I’m not thinking at all. I’m locked in non-thought.


4.Carry a Camera with You at All Times Make a point of having a camera with you wherever you go and just shoot at what interests you. You’ve got to be spontaneous and seize the moment when it presents itself.

让摄影大师Elliott Erwitt 告诉你12个纪实摄影

5.Capture the Emotion The best pictures are often ones that are quite evocative. They capture the emotion of a particular moment, and engage and elicit an emotional response from the person looking at them so that they build their own interpretation of the situation.


6.Change Direction If you’re out and about amongst lots of people, follow the crowd for a while, then turn around 180 degrees in the exact opposite direction to change things up and introduce new perspectives. It’s always worked for me!

让摄影大师Elliott Erwitt 告诉你12个纪实摄影

7.Be Curious One of the main ingredients for photography is curiosity. If you’re curious enough and you get up in the morning and go out and take pictures, you're going to get more interesting results than if you stay at home.


8.Go the Distance You can take two completely different shots of the same thing, just by varying the distance at which you shoot at.

让摄影大师Elliott Erwitt 告诉你12个纪实摄影

9.Choose Your Camera Wisely There's a profound difference for example between the simple non-reflex, direct-viewing camera (such as a range-finder Leica) and a SLR. With a reflex you tend to make the picture in the camera; with the other, you see the picture and then put a frame around it. Make sure you know your kit, so you can develop your own style and way of shooting.


10.Work on Seeing Be aware of your surroundings. If you don’t have a camera with you, pretend you are a camera and blink your eye at the significant moment. That will teach you to observe. It will help you start to anticipate your subjects’ movements and learn when to press the shutter.

让摄影大师Elliott Erwitt 告诉你12个纪实摄影

11.Get the Right Balance of Light Balance of light is the problem, not the amount. Balance between shadows and highlights determines where the emphasis goes in the picture.


12.Choose Black and White Black and white makes you concentrate on the essentials: light, story, form, emotion and information. It’s about capturing reality and the raw aesthetic, not what can be enhanced by colour. It offers a different way of looking at things.


以上12个由Elliott Erwitt所提供的小技巧都记起来了吗?拿起相机,赶快出门去拍照吧!